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Our Focus
Engineering Nanoscale Materials, Devices & Processes for Novel Computing Paradigms

Synaptic Materials and Devices for Neuromorphic Computing

Our goal is to optimize device performance through integrated design that harnesses the synergies across Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Our strategies include:

  • First-principles computation guided materials synthesis

  • Defect, stoichiometry and interface engineering

  • Novel materials design for memristor device fabrication


Scalable Manufacturing Techniques for Novel Computing Devices

  • 3D Printed Application-Specific Neuromorphic Circuits: Design, Fabrication, and Implementation

  • Experimental Design for Targeted Device Performance


Application Specific Neuromorphic Circuitry Design

Specifications of Artificial and Spiking Neural Network hardwares require an adaptive fabrication scheme.

One-size-fits-all type of fabrication techniques offer limited functionality and hinder the progress of novel computing innovation.


We develop customizable design options with short and simplified prototyping cycles. Our approach revolves around interdisciplinary research efforts across neuroscience, materials, device and algorithm design.

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